In the early 1800s, Rubo Mantovani, an immigrant from Italy, decided to settle in what was then called Naco, Arizona. While other immigrants continued to California during the Gold Rush, Rubo stayed the course and saved up enough money to eventually buy up 2,500 acres of land in the desert. Little did he know, while mining on his land, he would dig up a mother lode of wealth that required complete secrecy.
During a massive buildup of Mexican cartels along the Mexican/American borders of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Bloody battles over shipments of guns, drugs, and money across international borders causing hostilities. This problem spilled over and onto Rubo Mantovani's property.

-Excerpt from the best-selling book Desperate Situation, broken of distinguished insanity

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Like all writers, I have a deep, abiding passion for creativity. Simply put, I'm a creative person. I fell in love with writing early as a youngster when I was first learning to write. Since then, it's all I've wanted to do aside from becoming a retired Army veteran. Where I differ from other writers is that I love seeing my words on the pages of creative imagination through storytelling. I'm a writer through and through, and I've worked on many different genres' from training programs for the government to children's books, film, and novels. Come, join me on a creative journey.