Desperate SituationBroken of Distinguished Insanity

By Kyle Ripton


Eighteen years of a seemingly perfect marriage left me utterly speechless as to the abrupt ending to my "happily ever after." Family, neighbors, and friends weren't able to see it coming, nor could I even have imagined my life would come to an end ever so quickly after eighteen years of thinking you truly knew someone-or did they already know and I was duped? Although there were the typical family spats, nothing could ever prepare me for the type of devastation that would turn my world completely upside down on one special day, January 14th, 2010-my birthday. One Hell of a birthday present, I'd have to say. So many people find themselves in tough situations and they profess no wrongdoing, but this is where we all go wrong. Like the old saying goes, "it takes two to tango," is all too true in life, but not in my case. Now, I won't deny that I was not a part, of nor that I didn't do anything to cause what I am about to tell you, but the term overboard is an understatement. My first marriage ended abruptly after a three-year battle of literally no sex life, me catching her cheating three times, her being lazy on a daily basis, and her blaming me for her being overweight. Although her weight never bothered me a bit, nor did it change my feelings for her, she still found her way to offer herself to another man in a way that would take away from our relationship as a couple. We first met briefly in the states before I shipped out to Germany with the Army and thought I would never see her again in this lifetime, but funny how life plays some interesting tricks on you when you least expect it. While I was stationed in Germany and patrolling the city, this long lost beauty that caught my eye in the States, appeared out of nowhere, as I scanned the area for anything out of the ordinary. Ironic at best, definitely out of the ordinary that's for sure, which blew my socks clean out of my boots, and so this is how this relationship started with the first Casey. Eighteen years of an established life with someone, good and bad memories, bank accounts, credit cards, family relations, and more all came to an abrupt halt the moment I received the phone call from my father's wife, telling me my dad was in the hospital. I was told he was in a diabetic coma in ICU and that it was a good idea that I show up at the hospital, they didn't think he was going to make it. Being a diabetic myself, I knew how serious this could be if it was left unchecked. In the past, Casey when called upon would drop everything and rush with me or by herself to my father's side, should he or someone else call, but not this time. The strong morals and values I learned over time made me rush to his bedside, and I didn't give it a second thought, but why not Casey? Why not this time? What is so important that she can't stop what she is doing as she'd done so many times in the past for the boys, other family members, and even me for God sake? I dropped everything, went back into the house to call Casey on her cell phone, and told her of the news that Dad was in the hospital, and that I was on my way up there to see him. "Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring... your phone call has been forwarded to an automated answering service. Please leave your message after the beep." I quickly called her number back and after the fourth ring she finally picked up. "Casey, it Bob. Where are you?" "I'm at work like I told you!" "Whatever! I have some bad news. Dad is in the ICU in a coma. I am heading up there now to see him. I need you to drop whatever it is you're doing and get to the hospital, please. I'll see you there. He is on the third floor." "Bob, I'm at work. I can't just drop everything and leave!" "Casey, you have never had a problem in the past, so what's the problem now?" "I just can't!!!" Years of law enforcement and other fields of training have taught me how to pick up on certain things and remember them for later reference. The typical noises I heard so many time when she was working were not there at all. I tried to believe here as she spoke then went silent, but nothing registered this day. Just then my fears started to mount.

Kyle Ripton

Author / Screenwriter

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Also available as: Perfect Bound Softcover, Dust Jacket Hardcover
Published: July 2013
Format: E-Book
Pages: 449
Size: 6x9
ISBN: 9781483663173


Based on actual events, Casey plots to murder her husband, a soldier, for more than insurance money with the help of family. Fighting for his life, Thomas battles the relentless hatred of not only a black widow woman but also a hidden family of black widows. What could other hidden secrets be lye inside the belly of the beast? Action packed, this story, based on actual events will make it all too difficult to put this book down aside from turning your stomach upside down over its remarkable content. For generations, women have been depicted as a delicate flower, incapable of equaling a man's strong, secure, outer structure a woman's desires. Fast forwarding into the modern age, the feminist movement has campaigned for reforms on issues such as reproductive rights, domestic violence, maternity leave, equal pay, women's suffrage, sexual harassment, and sexual violence, all of which fall under the label of feminism. Now pushing for financial, social and cultural inequalities, men are still being subjected to the already well-known power women have had and harnessed for centuries. Over these centuries women have still maintained their focus on women's reproductive rights. Short of what this project is all about. I am focusing this campaign on what effects a man's outer glass shell, broken repeatedly as a result of unseen, unheard, or ignored pleas for equivalent laws that dramatically affect what happens to the male during divorce, domestic violence, abandonment of the male figure, and affecting the very core of his inner soul. As times change, little do the laws or the acknowledgment of men who are now coming forward with their own stories of sexual, verbal, emotional, and in many cases physical abuse by women, who remain the "innocent ones." At the present time, we are in post-production of the full-feature film based on this novel. Published in 2012, I feel this would be another amazing speaking point to those around the world who choose a visual experience over reading.


Wow. This book is a price of art. How you were able to put the words on paper for the world to finally read the other side I the coin with regard to relationships and the sad but all too real devastation men go through. Coming from a woman's perspective I never thought I'd see the day when a real man would come forward to express his true feelings of what happens to him in the relationship let alone a soldier having to fight for his family, life, children, and country all in one lifetime, and at the same time. From the sounds of it you seem to have been able to capture the essence of a man and his true feelings. Not all men are what society has chosen to label, and I respect your candor with sharing this story. I too believe that society needs to take a look at the laws that are outdated and try to change them for equality. I'm sure there is another side to this story as there always is but I seem to have found that in the story itself. As a former soldier myself I know first hand the pain a military family goes through when the soldier is deployed. I too lost a family due to my deployments and it is brutal to say the very least. It still doesn't make it right for the ones you love to banish you when they all knew what they were getting into but later chose to ignore the agreement. I only hope that you can find peace with the pain that will, unfortunately, last a lifetime. With that said...this is one amazing book and it is highly recommended if I say so myself.

Poplar Editing Agency  

Wow, what a compelling story of forgiveness, redemption, and recovery. I believe that this story highlights the issue of the courts (our judicial system) favoring the female when it comes to child custody. It's become 'normal' to assume that the male is the predator and guilty just because he's 'the male'. I've heard this story so many times from male friends of mine. It's hard to understand how the vindictiveness of a mother, as described in this book, can outweigh what a mother should know (and choose) what is best for her son's or daughters. Without giving it all away, it becomes obvious in the end that faith is the answer!! Great job!!!


What an extraordinary story of redemption and recovery. This story is a testimonial to the power that faith plays in overcoming life’s most challenging obstacles despite how “desperate” we all become. It really highlights the resiliency of the human spirit once we accept that control of our life is not ours and belongs to God (as long as we involve him). The scary truth is that, yes, the court system in this country does really favor the mother despite the level of dysfunction she might display. This story really calls out the fact that the mother was selfish and put aside what was best for the children in favor of being vindictive. Very sad, but all too prevalent 

Nice job on the book Mr. Ripton!

Hank Cordaro  

I have to say this is one amazingly well put together novel you have written. Definitely interesting to say the very least. I was saddened by the children having been put in the middle of all of that, and I am sad that the character Thomas had to go through all that he did as well, but I also need to better understand what Casey was going through within the relationship. Although her action we wrong and she definitely had some serious issues she needs to work on, I have to point out that it does take two to tango. Again interesting and truly an enjoyable novel that kept me on the edge of my seat. A young author like yourself may be coming up to the level as Stephen King and Dean Koontz. I also have to note that you never put in the end of the book what happened to Thomas. A great cliffhanger for another novel possibly but I think it would have been better to end it on a good note for everyone involved. Can't wait to read more of your work. Definitely a wakeup call for anyone who reads it.

Nancy Batrowskie  

I give the story 5/5. Well written and suspenseful enough to keep the reader reading. As a disabled veteran that had to divorce my second wife for the same reasons as we see here, I can fully relate to the story. Fortunately for me, my divorce was more along the lines of Casey 1 and thankfully not Casey 2. The story with Casey 2 also rang true with the way a father is treated when the wife is vindictive and only wants to be the center of everything, controlling the way things are done, even so far as contempt of court level of behaviors. My stepson went through all of that just to see his daughter. The mother refused him permission and even violated several courts ordered visits. He did not get to see his daughter until she was 3 months old and then for only 30 minutes in a public place (McDonald's). The problems that I had was the format in which I got my book. I got the Kindle version and I must give this a 2 or 3/5. This version must have been written by a voice recognition program without any editorial or proofreading done prior to its release. The way too frequent misspelled words, the wrong homonym used (there instead of there as an example), improper capitalization, missing words are just a few of the issues throughout the book. I found it to be very distracting and would cause frequent rereads to have the story flow the way it was intended. This is not the fault of the author so therefore should not be criticized for this. 

I recommend the book but suggest the reader get a print version for greater enjoyment.

Bob Brandt