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Helping children cope with the loss of a loved one.

Children's Books

A story with devastating consequences that have a war veteran fighting for his life on two fronts, one on the battle field, and the other at home.  A soldier's career is soddenly halted when he finds out that his wife of 18 years had been cheating on him, while deployed a mystery of death plots, sabotage, and deception beyond reality leave this veteran combat soldier not only for a career, marriage, and family, but for his own live.

This based on a true story, as told by the soldier himself.

Diaries of a Soldier is the trilogy of a child who grew up to be a soldier only to suffer the horrors of life itself. From birth, through the treacherous journey of his life this soldier took, until his career suicide.  Share his laughter, pain, anger, trials, and tribulations as this career soldier pours his heart out for the freedom of others; sacrificing his very soul to give to his country and never asking for anything in return, but should he have saved a little for himself. Run through the gauntlet of fears as you read about the demons that now haunt him to this day and why. Bucket Head is only the beginning of this soldier’s problems as he does everything to survive the nights filled with terror, subsequently changing his inner being each time he awakes.

Cannibal Boy will leave you numb as you read how this soldier used his own mistakes to follow a way out, yet is still struggling with the demons of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Read how this one soldier, who gave his very soul to everyone around him, is now rejected by those around him and the total devastation of a broken heart for life. Try to figure out why this proud and highly decorated soldier, turned away from his medals and all that he had learned in the military in an attempt to find himself what little peace there is left in his life.

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