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Rianne Ross - Model/Actor


In the early 1800’s, Rubo Mantovani, an immigrant from Italy, decided to settled in what was then called Naco, Arizona.  While other immigrants continued to California during the Gold Rush, Rubo stayed the course and saved up enough money to eventually buy up 2,500 acres of land in the desert.  Little did he know, while mining on his land, he would dig up a mother lode of wealth that required complete secrecy.

During a massive buildup of Mexican cartels along the Mexican/American borders of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Bloody battles over shipments of guns, drugs, and money across international borders causing hostilities.  This problem spilled over and onto Rubo Mantovani property.

Caught in the middle of these wars, were sometimes families of Day-Crossers, trying to seek refuge in the United States at significant cost.  Subject to the rule of Cartels, Day-crossers were forced to carry the guns, drugs, and money, back and forth across these borders in exchange for safe and free passage into the wonderland of hope.

Families are often subjected to beatings, torture, rape, and even death, should anyone of them refuse to do the Cartel’s bidding.

Hundreds of tunnels were built to maximize the bulk needed to feed the ever-growing American appetite for drugs.

Day-crosser’s who were wealthy enough could buy their way through the Cartel run tunnels, saving themselves the long walk through treacherous terrain, blistering heat, hunger, thirst, and even death.

Rumors spread by those who were captured and lucky enough to be returned to Mexico, that entire family members came missing the moment they crossed the border.

There were those who said, whole families, were mutilated by a giant desert animal, sparking one of the most bizarre, and unsolved cases of missing people in history.

Those who did come up missing became the artwork of an elusive serial killer, who liked to display his work for all to see and to honor their killer by letting him forge a gold coin of death at significant cost.

Follow this epic horror story that will have you wondering if you’re going to be The Coin Collector’s next victim?