Kyle Ripton

Author / Screenwriter


Have you ever done something so dumb that it hurt physically as well as emotionally? Nothing could be closer to the truth when Chris and I would find out for ourselves by doing some pretty nutty things in our lives, even braving the ultimate sacrifice of playing superman. The ideal place for our wondrous adventures of the superheroes was that of the Arizona desert and ideas for costumes, mock scenes, and gameplay came from countless hours in front of the television the night before our big event. Our imaginations ran ramped as we gathered all the right items for our big day of villains and superheroes. Normally I would play the Super Villain, Chris played the Super Hero, and for this days plot Chris chose to be Superman while I chose to be a bank robber trying to get away with the loot. Setting up shop in the old basement that protruded from the ground next to our trailer made for a perfect play area. It was close enough to the house but not too far that we couldn’t hear Olga call us in for lunch. Confiscating a couple of old sheets from the linen closet and other needed items such as dad’s flashlights, for lasers of course, Kathy’s makeup kit for that painted on mask look and an electrician’s utility belt from dad’s stash of supplies to put all the cool gadgetry into when seeking out the villain. After a few minutes of preparation, we both would go to our separate hiding areas, then countthencount to one-hundred before coming out. It also gave us time to perfect our costumes and makeup before appearing in public. For hours, Chris and I would spend pretend flying around as we chased one another around the yard, capes flying gracefully in the wind and makeup dripping down our faces from the sweat. Once we tired from running we both made our way to the makeshift bank, in this case, the basement, I spied the area for cops and anyone portraying them self as a Super Hero.

Product Details

Published: October 2009
Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
Pages: 204
Size: 5x8
ISBN: 9781449028206

Tunnels, what we did as kids

By Thomas R. Schombert


“Tunnels, what we did as kids,” is a hilariously funny nonfiction story about the secret lives of five young boys, who looked at child’s play as an adventure of life as they secretively built tree forts and tunnels one summer vacation. Hidden from the entire community until a great fire that nearly cost them their lives, you’ll laugh hysterically as you read of their collective genius and how they construct some of the most elaborate structures in the Arizona desert. Get ready to laugh till your belly hurts when you go on this fun -adventure. Whether you’re an adult or a child, you'll enjoy this novel that allows you to escape from the troubles of today’s economy, if only for a few hours back to your childhood.